Thursday, August 11

Bathroom: After

Our bathroom is DONE!  And 2 days ahead of schedule.  :)  Doug did an awesome job, this was a huge undertaking.  I'm sorry I wasn't able to help more.  My jobs consisted of painting, clean up, food, & Katie wrangling.  Doug did everything else!  So without further ado: 

Wallpaper was removed and the walls were painted a rather bright off-white.  Mirror previously hung in our living room, then in our bedroom and finally has found a home in the bathroom.

New flooring!  I'm so excited to walk in there and not look down and see yucky green.

This little cabinet was formerly orange with silver hardware.  Doug painted the cabinet with our wall color and spray painted the hardware.  Looks so much better!

This light fixture came out of my parents' house.  It had been sitting in the basement for a year or more, and I didn't even really know what it looked like.  What a happy surprise to find that it matched all our new stuff. 

A look into the bathroom-no I did not match the potty seat to the rug or vice versa!  Also, Doug (with a little help from my dad) pulled out the ugly door frame and put in this new lovely drywall.  SO MUCH BETTER!!

Our new pedestal sink with our newly placed hand towel holder (it used to be on the opposite wall by the bathtub) and our freshly painted medicine cabinet.

New toilet

Doug ended up reframing this window and painting it.  He also took out the screen on the other side, so now it doesn't open, but it is so tiny that that really isn't a concern.  It does make it alot brighter in there now.

Our repainted exhaust fan/light.  This really just took some cleaning up and some spray paint.

Remember that ugly light fixture from my last post?  Doug cleaned it up, repainted it and put on new globes.  I love it!  It's one of my favorite things about our bathroom now.

We decided we just did not have the wall space for a towel bar, so instead we hung up a hook to hang our towels on while in the shower.  It works great for us!

New shower curtain & rug (a better woman than me would have ironed this before hanging it up, but the wrinkles will steam out after a couple of showers, right?) Also, it is not really this yellow in here.  Just bad light.  I'll try to post a better one another time.
So there you go!  Please excuse my terrible photography, it was late and we were all tired.  I want to say thank you again to my wonderful husband for all his hard work and effort.  Katie & I are so proud of you and we appreciate everything you do for us!

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Carmen said...

It looks so great! I'm trying to decide what my favorite thing is...maybe using the hooks instead of a towel bar. That's pretty genius, I might have to steal it. :)