Sunday, August 7

Bathroom Makeover

 Things have been a little crazy at the Snider house the last couple of weeks.  Doug finished his summer classes, the truck broke down, Katie turned 2 and we started our bathroom renovations.  Like I said, it's been crazy. 

The bathroom has by far been the biggest undertaking of projects we've done in the house.  It's getting a head to toe makeover.  Last summer we replaced the tub and then that made the rest of the bathroom look pretty rundown.  So Doug decided to do the rest of it this summer while he's on break.  And well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Here's the lovely hallway that is part of the bathroom.  In an order to make it functional, previous owners put in a medicine cabinet & vanity light.  That didn't do much for us, so Doug took those out and patched the wall. 

Another shot of the wall.  The wallpaper has been removed and replaced with off-white paint.  It's so much brighter!  Although, the walls are in pretty terrible shape and we now understand why the wallpaper was up in the first place.  Oh well, we can live with it for awhile.

Our original toilet before Doug found out there was a leak under it and a view of the ugly green floor.

Original hunter green sink that matched the hunter green floor (we are slowly getting the green out of this house!) before Doug pulled it out and left us sink-less for going on 2 weeks.  Don't worry, I knew it was coming!  Thank goodness the kitchen is close!

After the sink was pulled out...see, even the old wallpaper was green!

Not so pretty light fixture, that has been repurposed.  You won't believe how awesome it looks now!

New toilet and a sneak peek of the tile.  

 Obviously these are mostly the before pictures.  I've been taking pictures as we go along and it's going to be awesome when we're done.  A few things we can't change, but we'll live with it.  Like I told Doug, anything is better than what it was before.  It already looks so much cleaner and brighter!

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