Saturday, November 6

Christmas Shopping

Have you started yet?  I had picked up a few things for Katie at the end of summer/early fall, but have refrained since then.  I pretty much know what I want to get her, it is just a matter of finding the right thing.  I was out with a girlfriend last night and found some cute clearance jammies and a top at Target.  I'd like to get her a pair of pants in the next size to go with the top and another outfit, probably.  They had some cute 3 piece things at Target that I'll probably regret not picking up.  I also got her a book.  I'm really trying to slow down on my book purchases for her.  It's so hard though!  Other than that I want to get her puzzle with big chunky pieces or some wood blocks.

Santa is going to bring her a toy vacuum and a big ball.  Along with some stocking stuffers.  Santa has no idea what kind of stocking stuffers to get for her this year.  Any suggestions?


Carmen said...

Last year for Hazel we did Dora bubble bath, a pack of those "little people", some cute socks (of course!) and fruit. I think that was about it. She loved everything, though!

Anonymous said...

OH! And a Seasame Street Christmas book from the dollar spot at Target.

Carmen said...

Anon was me...forgot the sign my name.