Sunday, November 2

Weenie Roast

Last night was the Weenie Roast at Doug's dad's house. Everyone had a good time. Our nephew learned how to roast marshmallows and between him and his sister making them for me, I probably ate about 12! I also learned that it is almost impossible to blow out a flaming marshmallow when your mouth is full of hot dog. :)

We were the last ones to leave last night, which was fitting because Doug had been there since about 2 in the afternoon helping get stuff ready. So it was a really long night. Good thing we had that extra hour.

Now I'm still pretty sleepy and I kind of have a headache, probably from staying up too late and all that smoke. We're going to my parents' later this afternoon for dinner and my dad just called to request that I make macaroni & cheese. So I guess I'm headed to the store.

These posts are not going as well as I'd like. I'll try to have more to say later. I probably should have done this after I drank my coffee!

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