Monday, November 3

Up Early

This morning I woke up at 5:30 and was wide awake. Thanks, daylight savings time. I let myself lay there for awhile. I had an hour and a half before my alarm was supposed to go off. Then I noticed that hubby was snoring. Not really loudly, but it was starting to get on my nerves since I was trying to get back to sleep. So I got him rolled over to his side, but by that point I was really *AWAKE* I ended up getting up at 6:30 and going ahead and starting my day. So that's why you're getting this extra early entry. Of course this would be the morning that I actually did get all my clothes and my lunch ready the night before. Oh well.

Dinner was good at mom & dad's last night, although we were all probably rushing too much. They'd been gone on a motorcycle ride most of the day and Doug & I were headed to the movies with Jay & Angela (who we last minute invited over for dinner, sorry my mac & cheese sucked!). We saw Zack & Miri. (I won't type the rest of the title because it will be tripping CIPA filters all over the place.) Anyway, the movie was hilarious! And for the first time we noticed we were exactly the same age as the characters. There was a scene where they were attending their high school reunion and of course we knew every song on that part of the soundtrack! It was a fun movie and if you enjoy that kind of humor (it's a View Askew production) then you should see it.

Let's see what else did we do yesterday... Oh yeah, we watched football. I don't even try to watch anything else on Sundays. That's why it is the best day for laundry. :) No, really I don't mind watching the Chiefs so much. The rest of it though and then the ESPN highlights...ugghhh...No thanks!

That was pretty much it for Sunday and here we are back at Monday again. Storytime today at work and I really hope I have a few more kids attend. If you have any preschoolers and nothing to do at 10 or 1:30, come by and see me. It'll be fun! This evening will probably bring more laundry and cooking something for dinner. Not sure what yet. Fun times.

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