Wednesday, July 30

Birthday Fun!

What a great week this is turning into. As most of you know, Friday is my 28th birthday. I was lucky enough to begin celebrating it last Saturday night with one of my best friends, Angela. Her birthday is exactly 11 days before mine, so celebrating together has become a tradition for us. So on that evening the two of us and our lovely husbands set out to paint the town red. We had a yummy dinner at Boudreaux and then headed out on the town. Okay, so we're getting older. We found a bar we all liked and settled there for the evening. No barhopping for us. We played pool though and Angela's husband fed the juke box (or whatever that thing is called now) all evening. We had a great time and since we are the world's worst pool players, we definitely got our money's worth there. Then we stopped at Perkins on the way home for a midnight snack. It was a great way to start my birthday week.

To finish out the week, we're heading down to KC for the weekend (yay for vacation days!) on Friday. I can't wait!

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