Tuesday, September 9

It's Been Awhile...

Yeah, yeah. I've been a bad blogger. A whole month without posting, not good. In my defense, we've had ALOT going on. Most of it I won't even go into, because that would take too long to type and much too long to read.

Here's what I will tell you. Doug got a new job. He starts next Tuesday and we are so excited! I'm sure most of you have seen the news about his previous employer and the layoffs, so I won't explain further. I'll just say this, my husband is awesome! He could have wallowed in this, he could have stuck it out until the bitter end, but that's just not my husband. He's proactive and a go getter. As soon as he had an inkling, he went out and looked for something new. That was on a Friday and by the following Monday afternoon he had 10 applications out. That Thursday, he had an interview and on Friday he had a job offer. :) I'm so proud of him!

In less exciting news, I got new glasses last night. I love them! And yes, that is BJ in the picture with me. Can you believe how huge he is? Hard to believe he's been a part of our family for almost a whole year now...
Speaking of a whole year, our anniversary is next Monday. This year has gone so fast! We've had plenty of ups and downs, but it's been good overall. No big celebratory plans. Probably out for a nice dinner and then who knows? I think we're going to buy ourselves a new mattress as an anniversary gift sometime soon. Exciting! We are officially old married people now, right?

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