Tuesday, February 5

More Snow

It's another snowy day here at our house. Is anyone still reading this?

We celebrated Doug's birthday last weekend, we are now the same age again for a few months. :) I was a bad wifey and forgot the camera, so I'll just have to tell you how much fun we had. We started Doug's birthday celebrations Friday afternoon with lunch at JerreAnne's with my parents, then Doug had a birthday dinner at Applebee's with his dad and brother. After that we met Aaron & Lindsey for drinks at Houlihan's and from there we went to the Snake Bite Club where Ronnie joined us and then we all went to the Lost and Found. After everything closed we headed home and stayed up a few more hours hanging out with Ronnie. Well, Doug stayed up. I couldn't stay awake that long! Saturday morning came quite early and we met Doug's mom and his brothers and sister-in-law at Cheddar's for another birthday lunch. We all really enjoyed the lunch and it was nice to get everyone together for a few hours. Later that day Doug and Aaron went to see Cloverfield and then came back to the house for Doug's requested birthday dinner, potato soup. Then Sunday was the Super Bowl and we had a few people over, ate way too much junk food and cheered the Giants to victory. All in all, I think he had a pretty good birthday!

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Carmen said...

I'm still reading!

Yay for a great birthday weekend. Sounds like you guys were really on the go and had a great time!

But boo for the Giants, I'm a Pats fan of course! :)