Saturday, November 24


We had a busy Thanksgiving this year, but it was wonderful all the same. We visited lots of family, ate way too much food, and just enjoyed having the time to spend together. We were able to thank my aunt & uncle once again for putting in our new furnace. Our whole house is warm now! I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate that. We played with the kids...Doug taught my cousins a thing for two about bowling on the Wii. And last night after our final Thanksgiving dinner we rented a few movies and put up our Christmas tree. It was a nice evening together even if we both fell asleep before the movie was over.


Mom said...

BJ is so cute. I bet he hated being in that stocking. Your first Christmas as Husband and Wife. Maybe next year there will be another little one, or two (twins)?

Doug & Misty said...

He actually tolerated it pretty well. We should have picked a bigger stocking though. :)