Tuesday, November 13

I'm a Reader...Not a Writer

I got to just over 3,000 words on my novel writing project and then it promptly fell apart or at least life did. Things have just been too crazy for us lately and writing a novel is about the last thing on my mind. I've been more concerned with keeping warm.

Yes, that's right, our furnace went out or rather won't come on. Fortunately we are in the process of getting it replaced thanks to my very helpful aunt & uncle, but it still falls under the category of "More Crap that Goes Wrong @ Doug & Misty's." Frankly, we're done. There has just been too much craziness at our house lately. Please someone tell us it's going to calm down soon!

We're definitely looking forward to the weekend though. Our friends, Angela & Jay, are coming over on Saturday and Angela & I are going to cook something yummy for dinner and then we're going to play the Wii or do something like that. It should be a good time.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, life eventually slows down a bit, until you have kids. :) Things will smooth out, you'll see. And just think, Saturday will be so much fun that you'll forget about the furnace for the night. Love ya bunches, Angela.