Sunday, July 15

My Dress!

I've had 2 fittings for my dress so far, this weekend and probably another one later today. Sandy's really going to town on it and I cannot wait to see what it is going to look like. We bought the most beautiful trim for it earlier this week, but it was hard to picture it on the gown, you know? Well, yesterday she had it pinned to the sample so we could really see what it looked like...GORGEOUS!! I didn't bring my camera yesterday, but I'll try to remember to bring it to the next one and I'll have to figure out a way for you all to see the pictures without Doug seeing them. Or maybe you all will get to be surprised too! :)

Friday night, Desire & I had a fun time running around and picking up stuff for the wedding. I got some flowers for my bouquet, the ring bearer's pillow, and the guest book pen. Oh and ink for my printer...speaking of which I really should be printing invitations and not posting on our blog! :) These next 2 months are really going to fly by!

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