Sunday, July 8


We finally bought ribbon for the invitations this week, only to find out last night when I was trying to make a sample, that we totally got the wrong stuff. This is more like ribbon that you wrap presents with, not the pretty satin ribbon that I wanted. Good thing we only bought 2 spools. I already opened one, but we can take the other one back. Kind of irritating though, because it was the *perfect* shade of pink. Oh well, I can use the messed up spool to color match now, I suppose.

We are finally done registering, also. We went to Target on Thursday and registered for all kinds of cool stuff. Mostly bedding and bath stuff which was much cheaper there then it was at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Their kitchen stuff seemed pretty comparable though.

Oh and I think Doug & I finally figured out what we're going to do about the wedding night and whatnot. Since he's taking that Monday after off of work & I'm off that whole week after, we're thinking about waiting to do the hotel thing until Sunday night. We can't miss the Chief's game and we want to do a brunch or something where we open our gifts that next day, so we think it'll just work better for us to come home that night. This way, we can head down to KC or something and really have a nice night and then not have to rush back home the next day. It was all Doug's idea...he's so smart!! :)

Well, I better get going, I've got nephews to go see!

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