Thursday, July 19

Time for Another Update

We're still chugging along here. The days seem to be passing quicker & quicker! I got all of the invitations printed last weekend, and this weekend I'll be adding ribbons and getting the envelopes addressed. I want them in the mail by August 1 (*my birthday!*)

Sandy is moving right along on my dress. I went over for a fitting last night and there was a real dress there! The last time I was there (Saturday, I believe) we were still trying on the sample. I took a few pictures with my mom's camera last night, and she emailed them to me. So if anyone is interested in seeing the progress let me know and I'll forward them to you. The dress is really going together beautifully. I know I said I couldn't picture how it would turn out before, and now I'm glad I couldn't. It's everything I could have wanted in my wedding gown and then some.

Okay, enough with the gushing! Doug & I are going to take our engagement pictures on Saturday, so that we can send our announcement into the paper. He even got a new shirt last night just for the occasion. We both got a little sun earlier in the week, so I think the pictures are going to turn out great! Hopefully, my hair cooperates!

It's time for me to think about getting ready for work now. Have a great Thursday!

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Rebecca said...

Forward me a pic of your dress:)