Saturday, June 9


Mom & I had a very productive day today. We went shopping for her MOB dress and she ended up buying the second dress she tried on. It is perfect and it was on sale, so that makes it even better! It's rose colored and is actually the color pink I think we've been looking for in everything all along. We really had a great time shopping today. We also picked up some pretty champagne flutes for the toast. $3 each at Tuesday Mornings. Love them! And I think I found the flowers I want to for the bouquets and such at Michael's. Hopefully, they'll be on sale soon, so we can pick those up. On Thursday, Sandy & I are going to get together and go to the Bridal Boutique to check out trim and other details on wedding gowns. So it looks like we're in an upswing again. That's good because we are at 98 days and counting now. :)

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