Thursday, June 7


Just a quick note before I'm off to babysit the nephews this morning. Doug & I are working on the guest list now, so I'll probably be contacting some of you for addresses, soon. This Saturday will be 14 weeks. It's crazy how much we still have to get done in that short amount of time.

  • dress
  • pick out tuxedos
  • flowers
  • buy the rest of the food
  • buy the rest of the beverages
  • put together the centerpieces
  • figure out our music
  • print the invitations
  • put ribbon on the invitations
  • compile the guest list
  • print the address labels (first I have to buy them!)
  • fill out the sheet for the DJ
I know I'm forgetting things, so feel free to remind me. It's going to be a busy summer!

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