Monday, June 25


While we were visiting Doug's grandma S. this weekend, she told us that she didn't think she would be well enough to make it to the wedding. Part of what she was worried about was standing for too long. She just can't do that and we understood that and never intended for her to have to be standing anyway. She also has a hard time walking now. We tried to tell her that we planned on having them all seated before the ceremony began and that she would be able to go through the house, but she's still pretty sure she's not coming. We've still got 82 days to convince her though! And if she still doesn't end up coming, I'm sure we'll have plenty of pictures and hopefully a recording of the ceremony to show her.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about Doug's grandma. I hope you're able to convince her. It's getting closer, though. So exciting!!! :)