Sunday, July 1

Did you see the new picture?

Doug & I attended my cousin's wedding yesterday and we got all dressed up (see side picture). We looked pretty good, didn't we? :)

It was a very lovely wedding and we got alot of great ideas for our own. We especially liked the presentation of the gifts, where the bride & groom gave flowers to the parents & grandparents during the ceremony. We might have to try to find a way to work that in. And their reception was lovely. They also included a slide show, which was something we were considering, but we were concerned about a screen & a projector, but then I noticed last night that they used a white vinyl shower curtain for the screen and it worked just great! They also had the most adorable centerpieces, with little live fish in them. Too cute! The food was good too, and they also had strawberry cake which was so yummy! We're having it at our wedding, so make sure you try it!

Well, it's time to start cleaning, Doug's outside putting my new chairs together, and I don't want him to come in and catch me slacking. :) I'll post more later!

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