Sunday, May 13

Yay for Early Wedding Presents!!

Here's the new furniture we got from Doug's mom for an early wedding present yesterday. I LOVE IT!!! I'll post a picture when my living room is not covered in laundry.

Funny story about this new furniture...when Doug's brother called to tell us that he had a sofa & loveseat to match our recliner that we bought 2 years ago we were pretty excited. He had told us previously that they weren't really making any of the black microfiber stuff anymore. So we went and looked at it in the showroom and they had it in mocha. Well, when we bought our recliner they didn't have it in black then either, so we had to order it. I guess we just thought that's what we would do this time. Imagine our surprise when we opened it up yesterday and saw the brown. We had about a half second of hesitation before we decided that we actually liked it better than the black and would rather have that anyhow. So the black recliner went downstairs and now we just have the sofa & loveseat. Maybe we'll get another recliner or chaise or something later on down the road, but for now we couldn't be happier with what we have. It was definitely a happy accident! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sandy!!!


Carmen said...

Nice couch! Looks really comfy and perfect for an afternoon nap.

Misty said...

So very comfy! I LOVE it!! I still have a few more things to do upstairs, but really my room is almost all put together now.