Tuesday, March 12

Time Flies When You're Really Busy

Obviously, from my lack of posting you have figured out that we are just really, really busy these days! 

Yesterday Doug informed me that he would be graduating in exactly 2 months...2 MONTHS!!!!  And although at times these past four years have felt endless, looking back now it's been a total blur.  And this semester (that's how we measure our lives now) has been the craziest of them all!  It's the first semester that Doug has totally been on the other side of the desk, so while he's not had midterms to take or exams to study for, he's still really busy studying his content for the classes he is teaching this semester.  In the midst of that he's been taking his certification exams (passed them all!) and beginning his job search for this fall.  Soon he'll have ordered his cap & gown and in just 8 1/2 short weeks, he'll be crossing that stage to get his degree!  (I've really got to start planning that graduation party!)

In the meantime, Katie and I have been doing our best to keep with him. 

Katie is now attending half-day preschool and she loves it!  She's learning so much and being so grown up!  She can just about write her name, she makes her own bed (sort of!) and can pretty much dress herself.  Definitely not a baby, these days.  Makes this Momma just a little bit sad.  :(

As for me, well, I'm here.  Doing my best to keep up with all our crazy schedules.  I'm glad the days are getting longer.  At least now I'm not totally worn out when I put Katie to bed at 8:30.  :)

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