Wednesday, October 3

Our Pin-tastic Afternoon!

As I've said many times, I get my best ideas from the internet.  Lately, a lot of theses great ideas I find on Pinterest.  It's truly my favorite way to waste time after putting Katie to bed.  :)

Today I decided to it was time to dust off some these awesome ideas just hanging out on my boards and try them out for ourselves.  Without further ado...Our Pin-Tastic Afternoon!

 First we made Snake Bubbles that were pinnned from this this site.  They were awesome!  A few things to remember for next time:  it mentions in the original post to cut circles out of your terry cloth to fit over your bottles.  I did not do this and I wish I had because Katie's bottle got really gross really fast with the excess wash cloth hanging down.  The second thing was that Katie maybe wasn't quite old enough for this yet at just over 3.  She was very impressed by my bubbles, but got frustrated that she wasn't getting the same results.  I guess I need to come up with a better explanation for how to only blow out.  Still, we had so much fun doing this and I can see us trying it again very soon!

When we came back in we decided to break out the play-doh, wiggle eyes and pipe cleaners to make some squishy fun monsters.  Here's where I got the idea for them.  As you can see, this was great fun.  I had no idea what Katie would do with all those supplies, but she immediately started sticking eyeballs all over everything!  We ended up opening four different cans of play-doh.  Fun!  In the end, I saved her favorite and the rest were put back into their cans.  I left the eyes in for a fun surprise next time! 

Last but, not least.  You can't spend any time on Pinterest without pinning a million recipes.  Here's what is in my crock-pot right now.  I've made this recipe a couple of times before and it's always a winner.  It'll be for tomorrow's dinner since tonight we're having dinner (and making more crafts!) at my parents. 

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