Monday, August 6

Updates!'s theme was one and I forgot to take a picture until late. 
Another forgotten picture, cannot get into the groove.   Coin was the theme.  Obviously, the inside of my wallet.
Yet another forgotten picture...I made it just in the nick of time.  My rear spends far too much time in this chair, so I guess it was fitting for the somewhere you sat theme.
We took Katie out on this beautiful day to ride her new bike on the bike trail, so for my logo picture I went with the Huffy emblem on her bike. 
Today's theme is writing, I knew when I saw it that this would be my picture.  My Dad signed my birthday card this year, I'm pretty sure he's never done that!
Also, the Binky Fairy came to our house today, but I think I'll save that post for tomorrow.  We've got to make it through the night before I can declare it a success!


The Wife said...

How'd it go with the Binky Fairy?

The Snider Family said...

Really well. She asked for it for about a week or so, but she's pretty much stopped. I'm not sure if we're super lucky or if she really just understood that it was the end. Either way, I'm thrilled! :)