Wednesday, August 1

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm dusting off the old blog here for something really exciting!  My 32nd birthday!  I remember when my mom was 32 and (no offense, Mom!) to me that is a really grown-up age!  For some reason buying a house, getting married and having a baby didn't make me feel officially grown-up, but turning 32 does!  So here I am an official grown-up and I want to start my year off right.  I've made lots of promises to myself about things I'm going to do this year (eat better, read more, exercise, blahblahblah...) and maybe I'll share some of those at some point.  Today I'm going to share a photo.  I've decided once again to participate in a photo-a-day challenge, but this time only for the the month of August (we'll see how it goes from there.)   Today's challenge was "outside."  These are the chairs from our work in progress side yard.  I got them about 5 years ago for my birthday and I love them!  They are getting a little wobbly, but still comfy and I enjoy nothing better than sitting in one on a nice evening watching Katie play.  Oh and they are perfect spot for eating popsicles too!

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