Friday, February 24

Another Round of Katie Facts

Everyday Katie amazes us.  The things that come out of her mouth make me shake my head in disbelief.  She's only 2, really?  Like on Wednesday when we were watching a DVD and the Count from Sesame Street was on and we talked about how he wore a cape and Katie said "like a vampire?"  Uh, a vampire.  How does she know what a vampire is?  Or when we were listening to a nursery rhymes CD and she told me, "That's a twumpet, Momma"  and sure enough, it was!  Okay, I'll give credit to Little Einsteins for that one.  Anyhow, these days she talks a mile a minute and you never know what she might say or do next.

Here's a few more things I want to jot down before she starts saying something else awesome and I forget.

  • She loves to play "muffins."  No, there is no baking involved, she means puppets when she says that!  
  • Her favorite color is purple.  
  • Her best friend is Henry her stuffed leopard.
  • When she hugs us and says "we a famiwy," I totally melt into a puddle of goo.
  • For a while she told me she had a "sister-mommy" in her dollhouse.
  • She loves playing with that dollhouse and the farm.
  • Lately, she's been carrying this goofy little tiny plastic cat all over the place with her.  She has to have it at all times and it can make us crazy looking for it, because it can fit in the palm of her hand.  She calls it "the white kitty."
  • I won't jinx it by saying it officially, but she is using the potty more often than not and I haven't bought diapers in at least 3 weeks!
  • In the meantime, she's in the bathroom constantly and always wants to see our poopy and if it's stinky in there she tells us "puwee!"
  • She is completely obsessed with Peter Pan, Hello Kitty and The Lion King.
  • She's been eating like crazy lately and constantly wants a peanut butter sandwich, I'm guessing it's a growth spurt, but wow is she getting heavy!
  • She loves crocodiles.
  •  She doesn't say "yesh" anymore.  :(
  • She calls her tutu a "tatu" about half the time.
  • She is desperate to really play in the snow.
  • She loves her playhouse! (see picture above)
  • Making "crafs" is still a favorite activity.
  • She knows how to feed the cat!