Sunday, November 14

Not Cooperating

I found the cutest video of Katie on the flash drive I thought I lost last night. I was going to post it here, but blogger is not cooperating with me, sorry.

Another weekend at home. We didn't do much of anything except hang out around the house, but we had a great time playing with Katie. We discovered  that it is nearly impossible to watch a movie with her now. Last night we tried watching Alice in Wonderland and Katie went crazy when Alice fell down the rabbit hole. She ran up to the screen and yelled and shook her fists and then turned back to us as if to say, "did you see that??" Too funny! Tonight we had a similar reaction during Clash of the Titans while watching a battle scene. On both occasions the movies were started too late and she needed to be put in bed before the end, so we still haven't finished them.

Speaking of movies, I watched The Time Traveler's Wife Friday night while Doug studied (Katie was with her grandma.)  I was so disappointed!  Seriously, the worst movie I've ever seen based on a book.  I'm not even sure that I would have liked it if I hadn't read the book.  The book was so good, no better than good, it was great!  Definitely on my list for one of the best I've ever read.  And I'm always claiming that the book is better than the movie anyhow, but I was thinking that if this story was even half as good on screen, it would be pretty good.  The worst part of it all for me, is that now when I think of the book, I am imagining the characters as they were in the movie and that is not working for me at all.  Bottom line:  read the book, don't watch the movie!


Carmen said...

Amen to everything you said about TTTW. That movie was an insult to the book.

MOM said...

That's how I felt about "My Sister's Keeper".

VP Family, Massachusetts Branch said...

The movie just butchered the book. It was so saccharine sweet, and didn't have of the edge to the characters. The only thing I like was how he was naked all the time (hey, girls like eye candy too), and the way he disappeared was cool.

VP Family, Massachusetts Branch said...

Umm, you may know me as SC somewhere else.