Thursday, May 6

Well Check & Other

Katie turned 9 months old on Monday, so that meant it was time for another well check.  She would, of course, have to smash her thumb in a toy this morning right before we left.  I think the last time we took her in she had a black eye from bonking herself in the face with something.  Our parent educator called these the "hard knock months/years." 

She was once again proclaimed "perfect & healthy" by the nurse practitioner and all was well.  She now weighs 21 pounds and 12 ounces and is 28 1/2 inches tall.  She's in the 80th percentile for her weight and the 74th for her height.  She's growing and developing completely normally.  The RNP did let me know that Katie can start eating more solids and we can start cutting back on her bottles.  Yay!  Just 3 more months of formula!! :)  I did have a concern about her eye.  Doug & I (and other family memebers) have been noticing that her left eye seems a little droopy or sleepy.  This is especially noticeable in pictures.  I sometimes have the same thing and I know mine is due to my left eye being Amblyopic.  They were unable to detect anything unusual in her vision at the doctor's office today, but went ahead and scheduled an appointment with an opthmalogist at Children's Mercy just in case.  We know from experience that this is something that is better treated earlier rather than later, so it is important that we find out as soon as possible.

In other news, it's finals week for Doug.  Things are a little crazy at our house this week, but then he'll be off for for 3 full weeks before hitting the books hard again.  He's taking 2 more classes this summer, so he'll stay busy, for sure. 

Mother's Day is this weekend (hint, hint!).  I can't wait to celebrate on Sunday!

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