Sunday, May 2

The Very Hungry Katie

Last night at dinner, Katie ate 1 jar of baby food, several of her baby snacks, 2 small french fries and some shredded cheese...and she was still hungry!  :)  I told you she was a good eater.

Update:  This morning she ate biscuits and gravy.  I'm not sure there is anything this girl won't eat!


Carmen said...

Oh man, biscuits and gravy! Katie has good taste buds. :)

Three Snider's said...

Actually, these were horrible! We went to Burger King and they are usually pretty decent there, but they must have changed them or something. Katie was the only one that found them edible.

Anonymous said...

She is a good eater, it's awesome. I think Nick might be getting ready to hit a growth spurt or something. He is eating 2 jars of size 2 baby food at lunch and dinner, and he has 1 jar and cereal for breakfast. And it seems like he's eating all day long! If this is any indication of his appetite later in life, we are in trouble.