Saturday, June 27

31 Days...

My Grandma & Me (31w5d) 6/7/09 at my baby shower.

...until my due date. Wow! Time is flying by! We've been putting the finishing touches on the nursery. It's almost done, just waiting on a few things that have been ordered to arrive. It's really looking cute.

Doug & I attended a one day all inclusive childbirth class in early June. Best money we ever spent! We came away feeling so calm and confident about everything that's coming our way. I hope we can maintain this feeling during the actual birth.

I had my baby shower the day after the class, which was awesome! Mom & Sarah did an excellent job. And the best part were the adorable scrapbook pages everyone made. It will be so fun to actually show Katie who came to celebrate her impending arrival! Everyone was so generous too. We got so much stuff that Doug probably should have brought the truck when he came to pick me up! As it was, we had stuff crammed into every available inch of my car, even my lap. :) We never thought we'd get it all in the nursery, but so far, we've managed to find a place for just about everything!

We're getting caught up on the baby laundry. My mom came and helped one night, and we did 3 loads. You'd think as tiny as baby things are 3 loads would just about do it, but that was really just some clothes, blankets, & sheets. I've done at least 3 more since then and I still have a couple more blankets and another whole load of clothes to do. I'm debating on whether to wash the clothes in the next size up. Opinions?

I had the last of my 2 week/first of my weekly appointments yesterday. I had all the regular checks (I gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks...oops!), my blood pressure was "excellent" and Katie's heart rate is staying consistent at 148-150. Then I had the Group B Strep test and she did an internal exam to check me for dilation and whatnot. Not much to tell. My cervix is softening (sorry, that maybe is TMI), but that's about it. Her head has not made it's way down to my pelvis just yet, but she's staying head down. At this point, we don't want her to turn, because she may not have enough room to get back in the head down position. We talked about how the way her movements are starting to feel different. Dr. V said that at this point, since there isn't as much room, she's doing more rolling and wiggling and less kicks and punches. I can see her roll across my belly and it totally fascinates me. Sometimes I just lift up my shirt and watch my belly. I think it kind of creeps Doug out! He said last night he came to bed and put his hand on my belly and she rolled across it and it was just too weird for him. :) Also, I haven't had any contractions, that I know of. My back's been a little achey, but carrying all that extra weight in the front probably does not help that.

I think that's it. Sorry for the lack of updates! I'll try to stay on top of them better in the next few weeks!

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