Tuesday, May 26

Making Progress

Doug spent alot of time working on the nursery this weekend. In the first picture he's putting together the shelving unit we got for her room. It turned out great, as you'll see further down.
He also set up the crib, with a little help from his sister-in-law, Becky. Becky & Eric were kind enough to pass down this crib to us. It used to be their oldest son's, but since he's almost 5 now, he doesn't have much use for it anymore! I'm not so sure how thrilled he is about having his new cousin sleep in it though. He's not too crazy about having a girl for a cousin. :) Anyhow, after they put it together I got to have my own little bit of fun. I put up the bumper and the mobile (that I picked up at a garage sale for $10!), just to get an idea of how it would all look. And Saturday morning when we were at Sam's Club, after showing Doug the adorable rug, he ran back and got it for me just as we were leaving. Mom & I picked it out a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn't so sure that was what I was wanting. But, I'm so glad I got it. It looks so cute with the bedding and the price was excellent. It fits perfectly in front of her crib. And you really can't see it in the picture, but the wall next to her crib is where the quilt is going to hang. And I want to get this to put above her crib. I love that it is vinyl and so totally removable, not to mention that there will be nothing heavy hanging over her. So many cute things to do! :)
We also decided for the sake of utilizing as much space as possible, to remove the closet doors. I promise it won't look nearly this messy in the future, but it seemed like a good spot to put the bookcase and it doesn't look half bad, minus the fact that we didn't get the top of the closet painted! Oh well, there's still time for that. Or maybe I'll just some cute baskets to put up there. :) Once we get the dresser, alot of the stuff on the shelves will be put away and we'll use it for what it was really intended for, books! :) Doesn't it look cute though? Doug still plans to attach it to the wall though, so there'll be no chance of Katie pulling it down or anything like that when she starts climbing.
New window treatment, I had a yellow sheer up there, but it wasn't quite the right shade, it was a little muddy. This white really brightens things up and the light that filters through is cleaner. The changing table (also a garage sale find) is actually on its way to get a paint job. You may have noticed it is a little darker than the finish on the rest of the furniture, so my mom has agreed to paint it for us. But for now, it's doing it's job holding diapers and other assorted items.
That's what we've got for now. We still need to find a chair and get the dresser and then we'll be just about set. Not bad with 9 weeks to go!
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Carmen said...

What awesome progress! And I just love all those sweet clothes hanging in the closet. Don't you ever just look at those tiny little outfits and daydream about Katie wearing them?

I can't believe it's only 9 more weeks!