Saturday, March 28

Time For an Update

Well, I haven't posted much more than pictures lately, so I thought I'd type up a little update this morning. Things are still going well. I had another doctor's appointment this week. Everything was great. Katie's heart rate was 150 and the doctor said I was measuring fine. I finally gained a little weight this month, 6 pounds. I'm up to 9 pounds total since I got pregnant.

We're starting to get things organized around the house and ready to paint bedrooms soon. We're switching bedrooms, so that Katie will have the warmer of the 2 rooms. We've got paint for her room already (thanks, mom & dad!) and I've been looking at a couple different bedding (another option) sets that I might want for her room. I guess I should run these past Doug first, to see what he thinks, but I imagine he's going to be fine with it. He's not putting up much of a fuss at all this girly stuff.

I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable at night and so is poor Doug. I've got myself surrounded by pillows and between that and my belly, I take up a decent portion of the bed. Too bad we already took down our guest bed! Oh well, we keep telling ourselves it is only temporary and it will be worth it in the end.

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