Monday, December 1


We had some snow this weekend. A little bit on Saturday that melted away fairly quickly, but yesterday's stuck around for a little longer. There is still some out there now.

It certainly made it a festive day for putting up the Christmas tree. We went with a small white tree with blue decorations this year, Doug's idea, he's always wanted us to have a white tree. We've got so much going on that getting out all of our decorations just seemed like too much work to me. I think it disappointed Doug a little bit. Christmas is my favorite time to decorate for, but we're both so tired right now, I don't think we'd enjoy it much. But we've got the wreath hanging on the door and our sweet little tree in one corner with our stockings hung right above it and a couple other little things here and there. It'll be enough this year. Next year, I'm sure we won't be able to resist going all out. We'll probably even have to get a real tree. :)

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