Thursday, November 27

Sorry, NaBloPoMo!

I missed a day, actually 2. So I won't actually get to complete NaBloPoMo this year. Darn. Actually, I'm not that sad. I think my posts have been pretty boring this month.

Why'd I miss those two days? Well, Tuesday I was going to post before work, during work, and after work, but something always prevented me. Not enough time before, really shouldn't do that at work and then after work I didn't get home until late and then went straight to bed. Yesterday I didn't post because I didn't post Tuesday and knew I'd already messed it up.

So here I am today, posting. It's Thanksgiving today and even though this month has had it's ups and downs, we still have much to be thankful for. In no particular order.

  • Doug's dad came home on Tuesday and we'll get to spend Thanksgiving with him after all.
  • Lots of family and friends to spend the holiday with. Doug went out last night after work and caught up with Aaron & Ronnie and we may have visits with other friends and out of town family this weekend, we hope.
  • Our 2 crazy kitties. They may be pains sometimes, but we love them! They keep us entertained and make us smile.
  • Doug's very understanding job during this difficult time with his dad.
  • My very understanding job.
  • Our siblings, this year we've come to realize how important those relationships truly are.
  • Our parents, who love us and care for us and want to help us.
  • Doug's new lawn mower, which he won't use until Spring, but we're thankful to have one that will now run all the time.
  • A warm home, this time last year we'd just gotten our furnace replaced and I'm still thankful that my uncle and aunt did that for us (they also did the air conditioner over the summer!)
  • Good food to eat. I'm learning that to become a better cook, I actually have to cook more often. :)
  • Good books to read and movies & TV to watch. It sounds silly, but sometimes you just need that little distraction from all the rest of the crazy world.
  • Speaking of crazy world, our troops who are fighting for our freedom and protecting our country and their families who have to celebrate Thanksgiving without them.
  • A change in our government, whether you voted for him or not, at least it's something different and something new to look forward to.
  • My husband's miserly ways...:) No really, it's a good thing!
  • Cozy new mattresses.
  • Warm blankets.
  • Phone calls and visits with my girlfriends.
  • Sweet baby, Hazel.
  • Our niece & nephews.
  • The 3 dinners we get to attend today! I'm very thankful for this, even if I will be complaining about how much food I ate by then end of the day.
  • So many other things that I can't even begin to mention!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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