Wednesday, November 12

Wacky Wednesday

Apparently having the library closed on a Tuesday does weird things to people. For one thing, it makes them very impatient. Seriously, if I had to hear one more time "Well, did you enjoy your day off??" or "I came yesterday, but you were closed..." I was going to scream! Oh yeah, it was lots of fun. I took the cats to the vet and did laundry. Woohoo! And another thing, if my back is turned to you, please don't stand behind me and think I can see you and know that you wanted to print or your password expired. Please, come around to the front of the desk and ask me politely and I will be happy to resolve your issues. Also, if I'm on the phone when you walk in, don't drum your fingers on the desk or grunt at me indicating that you would like to use the computer. I'm on the phone, with another patron, who I happened to be helping before you walked in the door. When I am finished I will turn to you with a smile and happily give you your password, even though I'd like to throw it at you! Oh, and the hormonal teenagers in the afternoon were pretty much the last straw!

Most days I really enjoy my job. I love working with the kids and helping people find a great new book to read, but there are some days...*sigh* Notice that most of my issues come from the internet/computer portion of my job. Yeah, that's not a coincidence. Computers are frustrating for everyone at some point or another. It just sucks that I am dealing with those frustrations pretty much daily. It certainly can make for some long days and let me just reitterate that this is not a daily occurance. Most days I'm happy to help and these slight annoyances don't bother me so much. But when you have, I don't know, 50 annoyances in one day, they don't seem so slight anymore. *UGGHHH!!!*

Alright, alright. I'm done and I feel better. Thanks for letting me get this out.

I'm meeting Angela and Desire in a little bit. We're going shopping for road trip snacks! :)

Doug went to the hospital this morning to see his dad before the biopsy. He said he looked and seemed like he was feeling a lot better, so that's good. Hopefully we'll get the biopsy results soon.

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