Friday, November 7

Unplanned Evening

I find myself with no plans this evening. I had originally thought I was going to my mom's to work on some crafts, but that kind of fell through. So now I'm home with a whole evening ahead of me. What to do? What to do??

Right now I'm boiling water for mac & cheese. I should probably have something else with my dinner, but I'm not sure what. At least a veggie, right? Maybe some broccoli...yum!

As for the rest of the evening, well, I could clean the house, or watch a movie, or read a book, or...the list could go on and on. Which means I'll probably spend the evening flipping channels trying to find something decent on TV on a Friday night. Let's hope I manage to do something a little more substantial. :)

At least it is finally the weekend! One week from now I'll be in Wisconsin holding the newest addition to Carmen & Josh's family. I can't wait!!!

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