Saturday, August 4

Engagement Pictures


Aunt Patty said...

OH MY GOSH, What a Great looking couple!!!!!!!!!! Doug & Misty, your pic's are wonderful. My fave's are #2 & #3, but they are all good. What beautiful children you will have(when the time comes, that is)

Steve and I are getting excited about the wedding, he is getting the house, flowers, lawn & anything else he can think of picture-perfect for "his Henry" & of course for the bride-to-be also. Love ya, Aunt Patty

eva said...

came by your blog at random..
would like to congratulate the bride and bridegroom ~ Misty and Doug ^^
Best Wishes

Misty & Doug said...

Our kids will be adorable, won't they? ;-)

Thanks for the comment, eva.

Carmen said...

Beautiful pictures! I hope I get a copy... *hint, hint*