Monday, May 21

Getting Closer

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I guess we just haven't had much to tell since we got the cake. That was a big thing and I think we're about done with those. If not, please remind me! Let's see we bought pop for the reception this weekend and I think mom bought more pop and some napkins. See, there hasn't been anything exciting to blog about.

We had a fun weekend though. Doug & I did some yard work on Saturday. Doug actually started it on Friday and did the bulk of it. I got to plant some flowers and do some raking. It really looks alot better. There's still alot of work to be done, but we wanted to concentrate on the most visible spots for now. After the yard work we went to Sammy's ball game (she did great, btw!) and then spent a few hours with Eric & Becky. Good times. By the time we got up Sunday we were pretty tired from all the yard work and staying up late so we took it easy yesterday. I cooked lunch & dinner (we missed breakfast) and we just hung out. It was nice to have a lazy day together. We spend so many of our weekends running from place to place that it was a treat just to stay home and be together. Plus, it saved us gas & money! :)

Here it is Monday again and back to work for us. I'm working Monday thru Wednesday this week, taking Thursday & Friday off, but I do have to work on Saturday. Doug's working his normal schedule, but he'll of course have the long weekend and I sort of will. I'll check in later!

Hey it's me again...I forgot to mention one thing this morning. My hairdresser is going to be out of town the weekend of my wedding, so I've got to find someone to do our wedding hair. If anyone has any recommendations, I'd appreciate it!

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