Friday, April 20

A Picture Today

Here is the site of our wedding ceremony. This is Doug's Aunt & Uncle's house, isn't it beautiful??? I visited with Patty yesterday and she gave me the "ok" to post this picture. I wanted you all to be able to see it. You can sort of make out Doug & I in the lower left corner and Doug's mom in the lower right corner.

I talked with Doug's aunt yesterday and she gave me some catalogs to order the bridesmaids' jewelry from and we just had a really nice visit. She's already been through the wedding planning thing twice now with her kids and she's been giving us some really great ideas.

In other news, Doug got his schedule changed at work. He now works Monday through Friday, instead of Sunday through Thursday. He's pretty excited about it, and he was one of the main reasons they made the change. I'll let him tell you the story though. :) I'm so proud of him! Oh yeah, no Wii yet. Doug's going to try Best Buy today and I'm on a call list for Wal-Mart for when they come in, so hopefully soon.

Alright, I see the clock and I really should be getting ready for work now. Happy Friday everyone!

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