Tuesday, April 24


Okay, it is official. I think about wedding planning way too much! It has infiltrated my dreams. Last night was full of wedding planning dreams, all centered around doing some really crazy stuff and the whole time I kept thinking this isn't right. I even had one of those "phew, it was only a dream" moments when I woke up this morning.

Maybe it was because mom & I made a list last night of things we still need to do that really got to me.

  • Guest List for Ceremony (need that ASAP so we can order next item)
  • CHAIRS (otherwise all of our guests will be standing)
  • Food & Beverages for Reception
  • Cake
  • Mints
  • Nuts
  • Punch
  • Table Cloths
  • Centerpieces (possibly borrowing Becky's idea)
  • Invitations (already picked out, just need to purchase)
  • Flowers
We're still working on Vanessa's shower too. It's going to be Sunday so we've got to make more cream cheese mints and get all the decorations and stuff for that.

On Saturday Doug & I are having lunch with his parents to talk about the rehearsal dinner. I guess we're really getting there, aren't we? Pretty soon it'll all be done and then what will Doug & I spend all our free time doing?

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MOM said...

Bring your things with you on Wednesday because we have more planning to do!!! :)