Wednesday, March 28


Wow! We're so glad you all found the comments, keep 'em coming!

Patty, we'd love to have more info about the reception food from Sam's Club, thanks for thinking of that for us. Also, we will be in to see you about jewelry soon. We still need to get Doug's ring.

Amy, Mom & Dad have a karaoke machine that I'm sure they'd be happy to loan us for the evening. We'll see as it gets closer.

Mom, I'm so glad you are reminding (nagging) me. :)

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Aunt Patty said...

Hi Misty and Doug,
Didn't know if you had ordered your wedding cake yet?? Of Course, Bev's Cakes are the VERY BEST and she is a very busy lady, you might want to make an appointment. She also makes mints. Also SAM'S makes a real good moist cake-----NOT WAL-MART!!!!!
Love you, Aunt Patty