Saturday, October 15

Long Time, No Post!

Fall is here, the weather is gorgeous.  This is my favorite time of year.  Warm sunny days and cool nights-last night was kind of chilly though!  That's okay, I'm happy to get out my sweaters and jackets.  I put Katie in the cutest Halloween sweater this morning.  She got tons of compliments on it at the grocery store.

We've been pretty busy lately.  Doug's almost halfway through this semester.  It's just about crunch time for him, he's got papers due and midterms next week.  Fun.  Katie & I have been hanging out and doing our thing during this time.  We're having a great time making our "crafs" as Katie likes to call them.  Last night she and I headed over to LaLa's and made cheesecloth ghosts.  Well, she played with her play-doh and watched Clifford's Halloween while we made them.  Katie really loves Halloween this year!  It all started with this book she picked as her prize for the Summer Reading Program at the library.  It's kind of a scary book, so we mostly just talk about the pictures as we read it, but she loves it!  Everything Halloween she sees is "spooky Halloween."  Then we checked out It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown from the library.  I finally got to return it last week.  I was afraid I was going to have to sneak it out of the house, she loved it so much!  She loves all the decorations and she's having so much fun.  She's going to be a witch for Halloween and she's having the best time playing with that costume already.  So far, I only let her play with the hat, but she thinks that is pretty cool. 
She came up with that broom thing all on her own!

We've been working on getting us ready for when Doug's unemployment benefits run out next month.  We're still planning on him attending school full time until he's finished with his degree, but come January, he'll be getting a part-time job.  Anyone hiring?  We've pretty much cut out as many extras as we can.  Our last two little luxuries are internet (which Doug uses for school) and Netflix.  My focus has been whittling down our grocery bill.  I'm no extreme couponer, but I have started using coupons more often and I've been ad matching.  Two things that seemed like a pain the first few times I did them, but now if I don't do it, it feels weird!  Honestly, there's no reason, even if we had plenty of money to not try and save what you can here and there, right?  Today was not a good coupon day and a fair day for ad matching, but I saved about $14.50 overall and I think just looking everything over, we may only need milk and few fillers for next week. :)  It's these little things that hopefully keep adding up to getting us through these next 18 months or so with our sanity still in tact.

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craftosaurus said...

Hee, "crafs" -- too cute!

I hear you on the financial stuff too. It kind of stinks to have to stress about it, but then on the other hand, yeah, of course you'd still want to save money even if you don't *have* to.