Tuesday, June 21


How can we resist ice cream when eating it makes her this cute??
Our family has a dirty little secret.  When the temperature starts to rise (okay, really all year long...) we become ice cream addicts!  And not just any ice cream.  We want it from Dairy Queen or Culver's or wherever.  It's an outing for us many evenings.  Let's run out and get some ice cream and go for a ride.  Confession time:  last week we went out for ice cream a total of 3 times according to our online banking.  I'm thinking we might have stopped another night when we had cash so maybe 4.  Sad, that we eat so much ice cream that I can't remember all the times we have it.  I'm more than a little embarrassed to admit this.  Not only is all this ice cream not good for our waistlines, it's also not good for our wallet.  We spent more than $20 last week on it.  So I'm posting this today in hopes to make us accountable.  On Sunday, we didn't have ice cream.  Last night, we didn't have ice cream.  Our goal is to make it all the way to Saturday without going out for ice cream.  In the meantime, popsicles are a good (enough) substitute.

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