Thursday, March 3

Lessons Learned

Everyday is a new lesson in our house. Katie's learning about the world around her and Doug & I are learning how to parent a toddler (19 months today!) This morning Katie learned all about what happens if you don't stay out of the kitty's face.
Poor girl.  Tess, not Katie.  She so did not want to be bothered, laying in the sunshine, but Katie just kept getting right down there.  Tess gave her several warning hisses.  I overheard and told Katie that the kitty didn't want to play, but she wasn't having it.  And so Tess did what any annoyed kitty would do and nipped, I did what any Mommy would do and yelled and Katie did what any baby would do and cried.  It all lasted about 30 seconds and then I cleaned up the mark on Katie's arm and she got a bandaid.  I don't think any of us were too traumatized.

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Just Robin said...

:( Poor baby.... at least she got a rockin' Hello Kitty band-aid!