Sunday, February 13

Butterfly Valentine Craft

Tomorrow being Valentine's Day inspired me to put together a quick little treat for Katie to share at her babysitter's tomorrow. These were really simple to make-Katie may even be able to help by next year.  Here's how I made them.

Supplies:  1 "fun size" or similar package of candy (or anything about this size/shape) and 1 pipe cleaner (chenille stem, if you're feeling fancy!)

First take your package and pinch it in the middle to resemble a bow.

Next fold your pipe cleaner in half.

Place folded pipe cleaner around the pinched section of your package.

Twist/wrap pipe cleaner around the middle several times.  3 times around ended up producing the best results for me.

Twist the two pieces of pipe cleaner together at the top to secure around the middle.

Curl the ends of pipe cleaner around your fingertip to make the antennae.

Finished product!

Bowl full of butterflies!
And who wouldn't want a Valentine from this cutie?


Anonymous said...

I would take one just to see those chubby cheeks!! Lol. What a doll she I misty! Cheyenne

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Valentine, both the treat and Katie.