Tuesday, December 28

Too Much Christmas??!!

Last night Doug & I ventured out to do a little post-Christmas shopping.  This is one of our favorite activities and why in recent years we usually don't get each other much for Christmas (except last year when Doug surprised me with the special jewelry!)  So we're at the dreaded Wally-World last night and we're picking up a few things for the last of our holiday celebrations (tonight with Doug's family) and I notice the Christmas clearance.  In previous years, I would have made a beeline for those marked down ornaments and cards, but for some reason, I just couldn't bring myself to even glance at them this year.  I don't know if Doug has finally worn me down, or if thinking about Christmas with Katie has changed my whole attitude.  I don't want her to grow up thinking Christmas is this overly commercialized event with piles of presents and for some reason the thought of wading through all those Christmas leftovers made me feel just that.  I realized that we didn't need another ornament or new stockings or even new cards.  Next Christmas I may be kicking myself for not "stocking up," but I don't think so. 

Christmas spirit doesn't come in any of those things.  Christmas spirit comes from hearing your daughter's first "ooos & aaahhs" when she sees Christmas lights.  Or when you make your first little ornament or watch a favorite Christmas special.  Making candy & treats to share with friends & family.  That's Christmas spirit to me.  So this year, I'll happily pack away our tree & decorations and not worry that I didn't find that one more thing for next year.

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