Sunday, December 19

Finally a Moment to Post

Well, I went from posting daily in November back to barely posting at all.  Oh well.  We've just been way too busy these last couple of weeks, getting ready for the holidays and Doug preparing for finals.  There has barely been a moment to clean the house much less post to our blog.  But, finals are over now and so is most of the holiday prep.  Just in time too, I'm looking forward to spending some time with my family over these next couple weeks. 

Today Katie & I went to make our traditional Christmas candy with my mom & sister.  It was so much fun!  Yummy, too!  Then we took Katie to see Santa at the mall (seriously $12 for 2 wallets is pretty ridiculous, but this picture was so cute I kind of wish I'd bought more!)
Maybe tonight we'll watch a Christmas movie.  I checked out Christmas Vacation from the library this week and we've got pizza for dinner.  Sounds like a relaxing night for the Snider's.  Hope yours is too!

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