Tuesday, November 9

A Tail of Two Kitties

That's Tess on the left & BJ on the right.

Our poor neglected kitties.  They used to be the center of our world and subject of many blog posts and FB status updates.  Now, they're just shoved to the side because someone cuter has come along.  It's true, I have alot less patience for them now, but they really are good kitties.  Tess is smart.  She knows to stay away from the tail-grabbing toddler.  She's protective though and loves laying in the chair in Katie's room.  BJ isn't as smart, but he has the tolerance of ten kitties when it comes to Katie.  He even plays with her, laying just out of her reach up above her and bats at her chubby little fingers as they try to reach him.  This makes her giggle like nothing else.

I think they will all be great friends one day.

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Anonymous said...

I like the three Sniders, despite being alergic to their two kitties.