Sunday, November 28

Not As Planned

This holiday weekend has not quite gone as planned.  We've had colds, time conflicts & work schedules all messing things up.  Somehow, we've managed to fit just about everything in though.  Thanksgiving was spent with my mom's family at my parents' house.  We visited with Doug's mom on Thanksgiving night and Katie had her first taste of eggnog.  She loved it-just like her daddy!  We got to hang out with super-cool Nick on Friday.  That was so much fun.  :)  Last night we finally found some time to hang out with Doug's brother's family.  We watched Polar Express (Doug had never seen it!) and had pizza and pumpkin pie concretes-YUM!  Today will be another family dinner (my dad's family) and tonight is for decorating the tree.  I can't wait!

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