Thursday, November 18

Grocery Shopping Fail

Katie laid down for an unexpected early nap this morning and since tomorrow morning is her well-check, I took that as a sign that I should hurry and go to the store while Doug was here and I could go by myself.  I barely had a list and knew that I just didn't feel like cooking anything for the next 6-7 days.  So, I bought frozen junk galore, pizza, ravioli, fish sticks, and hot pockets.  With a couple of cans of soup & some spaghettios thrown in for good measure.  I did get the stuff to make cabbage rolls, so at least one meal we eat in the next week will be decent.

What do you make when you just don't want to cook?

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Carmen said...

Frozen pizza and turkey sandwiches are my go-to "I'm not cooking tonight" menu items. Unfortunately, at lease one (or maybe even two?) of those appear on our dinner menu every week.