Friday, November 12

Christmas is Coming!

As I was grocery shopping this morning, I couldn't help but be reminded that Christmas is coming everywhere I turned.  And you know what?  I liked it!  Of course, I'm also excited when the Christmas music starts playing on the radio in November (if you don't like it, listen to something else!) and when I saw Christmas lights & decorations already up on people's houses this week that made me happy too.  This morning though, I experienced my biggest Christmas thrill thus far.  As Katie & I walked into Wal-Mart she spotted the big Christmas tree and her eyes lit up and she said "Ooohhh..."  Made my heart melt and I was ready to come home and put my tree up right then and there!  We'll wait though.  We have to give Daddy time to get into the Christmas spirit or at least be okay with  getting out the Christmas stuff.  This year, I plan to start decorating the day after Thanksgiving.  Tree & all since we're planning to use our fake one this year.  I can't wait to see Katie's reaction to having a tree right here in our house!  I think she's going to love it.  :)

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