Thursday, September 9

Time to Eat

I'm making potato, broccoli & cauliflower soup for lunch today.  I sort of used this recipe, but added potatoes & milk and left out the carrots.  It smells yummy!  I spent way too much money at the grocery store last night.  I think it is because I actually bought food to cook.  The cooler weather is making me want to spend some quality time in my kitchen.  I even suggested to Doug that instead of going out for our anniversary we do a date night at home and make something together.  So not typical of me!  We've had so much fast food and gone out lately that none of it even tastes good anymore.  I want to go back to when going out to eat was something special, more like a treat.  I definitely don't want Katie growing up thinking that eating chicken nuggets twice a week is normal.  So I planned some yummy dinners (which hopefully will produce enough leftovers for lunch) and hopefully that extra money I spent at the store won't go to waste. 

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Carmen said...

I hear ya! That soup sounds yummy, too. How was it?