Saturday, May 15

Katie Can Point & Talk!

Yesterday morning, Katie pointed at our cat, BJ, and said "cah!"  Doug and I were unreasonably excited by this.  :)  In fact, I fear I'm becoming one of those people who only talk about their kid.  We were at a party last night and whenever anyone would ask me how I was doing, I'd smile and say fine or whatever, but as soon as they asked about Katie, I pulled out the pictures and started telling them about her latest achievements.  I could have talked for hours!  Haven't you noticed that most of this blog is about Katie, now?

Now, for some unrelated Katie-ness.  Doug made the Honor Roll once again.  He had 3 A's & 2 B's.  One of those B's was in Spanish, his most challenging class this semester.  He worked hard for it though!  Katie & I are so proud of him!

Nothing new with me, really.  It looks like the next step in our hours reduction at work is going to start sooner than we thought.  Either June 1 or July 1.  We were really hoping to be able to put it off until after the Summer Reading Program (August 1), but I don't think it is going to work out that way.  That's a depressing paragraph I just wrote about my life.  See why I like to talk about Katie instead?

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